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What We Do?

We're a team of designers and e-commerce specialists working with the of Print On Demand stores. We research and design selling artwork which we use in our own POD websites and sell through TshirtMoney.com.

Shopify and Printful are our main tools for creating websites - we know all the nuts and bolts or these services.

We offer our customers valuable advice and help with setting up ready-to-sell Print On Demand stores.

General T-Shirt Stores

You want to start quick but do not have a specific niche in mind? Maybe you want to have the broad variety of products to sell? We can do it cost effectively - by cloning an existing model store - ZettaShirts.com

Each package comes with full store cloning feature - you'll an exact copy of Zetta Shirts, but with your own logo and banners. Packages differ only by the number of print files you get with it.

What's the point of getting the basic package without print files? You'll be purchasing an actual print file from us AFTER you make a sale. No need to invest in graphics before.

Products in all packages are NOT synced with POD provider. You need to do it manually upon receiving orders.

Niche Specific T-Shirt Stores

Have already your target audience in mind? Want to have smaller store? Start by choosing 25 designs which fit your niche the best - use our broad catalog at TshirtMoney.com. You will receive commercial right to use those designs on more physical products.

Those chosen print files our team will SYNC with Printful's POD service using their catalog of products. Depending on the package you can choose from 1 to 3 mockups we will work with (e.g. Gildan 6400 Softshell Shirt, Gildan Basic Hoodie, 15oz Coffee Mug)

We also will configure your store by installing apps and pages according to your requirements. Notice: paid apps have to be purchased separately.

Store Support Services

You have you store up and running, what's next?

The work just started. You - as the owner - should concentrate on selling and promoting your store. It's your job to generate ideas for designs, set up promotional auctions, set up pricing, etc.

We can help you on the regular basis with:

- Designing print files according to your graphics concept
- Uploading product via POD app to the store
- Putting productd to Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter / Instagram feeds
- Refreshing graphics in the store (new promotional banners, etc...)

The pricing is set up on case to case basis. Our customers receive an account at our collaboration space where they communicate with our team effectively.

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